Cloud Nine digitizes the insurance company Bliwa

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Bliwa is a customer-owned insurance company specialized in personal insurance for groups of individuals, such as employees at companies and members of organizations. Bliwa’s insurance provides financial security in case of illness, accident, unemployment, death, and need of healthcare services. Bliwa insures every 20th Swede and has many of the most important trade unions and some of the largest Swedish companies as customers.

Digitalization represents a challenge for all industries, and insurance is no exception. However, it also creates opportunities for those insurance companies that manage to adapt their business to new market conditions. In order to detect and seize business opportunities in the digitized world, one must understand new behaviors that underpin development, and what creates value and commitment. Basically, it is about detecting and understanding customer’s needs and circumstances.

Cloud Nine has developed a new service for Bliwa’s customers: My pages. The service enables insured customers to view and manage their insurance details at Bliwa. The service will continue to evolve with regular launches of new functionalities.

Cloud Nine and Bliwa faced a significant challenge. The goal – to meet customers digitally – requires a whole range of systems and advanced infrastructure to be presented in a user-friendly manner on the web. The service is fully customised based on user’s employer, trade union and other factors that might affect which insurance an individual should have access to, and targeted communication. Bliwa also has high ambitions for a comprehensible presentation of their complex products.

The assignment called for access to a wide range of specialized knowledge, not only within Bliwa’s business and products, but also within insurance systems and underlying infrastructure.

A prerequisite for being able to work efficiently in a project with high reliance on different systems was a cross-functional team with members from both Cloud Nine and Bliwa. A project area located on Bliwa’s premises enabled close proximity to people with special knowledge. Such cooperation made a flow of ongoing deliveries of functions possible, that Bliwa could test. We chose to use the agile methodology SCRUM to be able to handle continuously changing requirements, a model that works well from a broader perspective, even beyond the system development itself.

The CMS system (Episerver) and other systems were gathered around a custom API to facilitate communication between different systems. To ensure user experience, user tests have also been carried out with selected customers.

Bliwa is currently undergoing a major digital transformation and we are very proud that we have their confidence to help them on this trip. They work hard to reach their goals of being understandable, modern and user-friendly, and the launch of “My Pages” is an important step in this sense. We built the service from scratch and the challenge was to merge Bliwas’s logic and management with users’ demand for user-friendliness. All in all, I think that we managed really well in achieving those goals“, says Alexander Kafkaletos, KAM at Cloud Nine.

About 300,000 Swedes now have access to “My Pages”, where the customer can login with mobile BankID and get an overview of his/her insurance coverage. Here, the individual can see, among other things, his/her insurance at Bliwa and what supplementary insurance could be added to increase his/her protection.

The insured can report an injury and then see if the notification needs to be completed with further information, when payments are made and history of past damages. Bliwa now has a foundation for its continued digitization work, thanks to a flexible platform which enables meeting customers in new ways in the future.

“Understanding is a key premise in order to feel safe. Therefore, we at Bliwa put great efforts on language, design and structure for increased clarity in all communications. However, comprehension is also about meeting the individual where he/she is and when he/she is receptive to it. The development of our digital interfaces, together with an increased presence in digital channels, is therefore a way for us to increase security through better accessibility and simpler management of insurances”, says Matilda Widell, Web Manager and Communicator at Bliwa.

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