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Sony Music in cooperation with Cloud Nine has created a range of innovative services linked to streamed music since 2012. Filtr is the world's largest third-party service for playlists, with over 21 million followers on music services such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube. In addition to complete playlists, users can also create their own using Filtr’s award winning playlist generator.

As music streaming services like Spotify became popular Sony Music saw opportunities to enhance the experience for those who enjoy consuming music in new digital services.

The collaboration with Sony started when Cloud Nine illustrated that relevant and inspiring playlists can be produced through smart programming. We developed a prototype that recommended music based on the user’s Facebook profile and their interests recorded there. Later this developed into an app that became one of the most used apps on Spotify.

Filtr webb på dator

The goal of Filtr is to simplify and improve the way people discover and consume music. It enriches the musical experience through relevant, meaningful and personal recommendations that are composed by experts for a global audience. Filtr offers playlists for any occasion, genre and mood.

Filtr ikoner

Today filtr.com is the base of the brand Filtr that is now available on all music services. Filtr playlists has about 27 million followers today. On Filtr.com you can either compose your own playlists based on personal preference or follow ready-made and well-thought-out playlists. Cloud Nine has also built an admin portal where Sony Music’s various markets in the world can manage their playlists and glean valuable statistics of played music.

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