Why buy expensive stuff you’ll use once or twice when you can rent them instead?

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When the founders of the start-up Hygglo, Ola Degerfors and Axel Hellström, came to Cloud Nine with their idea of a service that would help people rent things, we immediately became excited. Creating smart services that solve everyday problems is one of the things we are passionate about at Cloud Nine!

Hygglo started with the simple idea that things should be used. The idea was realized and became an app for the rental of everyday stuff - from tools and garden equipment to cars and boats.

Creating a completely new type of service implies many opportunities, but also several challenges. The challenges consisted in not only technical issues, but also in providing the best possible user experience.

Start-ups can often require flexible solutions in terms of time and budget, and Hygglo was no exception. In fact, Cloud Nine had to find a smart solution which would add great value to the customer, but that could also be implemented within a limited time frame and budget. One example was that the service would be an app for both iOS and Android phones. To deliver an app available for both platforms in the shortest possible time, we chose the frameworks Cordova and Ionic, which made it possible to publish the same code base on multiple channels.


One of the most important ways to exhilarate the app’s usage and business was the login procedure. Ensuring that no user would have to worry about if the renter/lessee was someone else than the person she/he claimed to be, was one of the key features of a successful service. This resulted in us choosing one of the most used authentication methods in Sweden today: Mobile BankID, for login and identification of users.


Simplicity was the greatest challenge also in the choice of payment provider. It had to be easier to pay for a rental directly in Hygglo’s app than using any other solution. Thus, it was important that the payment would be a fully integrated part of the rental process on the app. The innovative payment provider Stripe was the solution to the challenge.


To sum up, Cloud Nine launched an app built on advanced technical solutions, but which gives the user a clear, simple and safe experience. The service received lots of positive feedback and it improves continuously. In October 2016, Hygglo was nominated and became a finalist in the prestigious Swedish award for web design and user experience: InUse Design Awards 2016.

Hygglo was launched in Stockholm in June 2016 and it quickly became one of the largest Swedish rental apps. We often hear from our users that the app is easy to use and intuitive, and we owe this to the cooperation with Cloud Nine“, says Ola Degerfors, CEO at Hygglo.

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