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Paradiset is just like any other Swedish food retailer, but with one crucial difference; almost everything is ecological. Here you will find natural, organic, and local or near-local food products, a raw food restaurant, take-away food, the StikkiNikki ice cream bar and even ecological catering.

During their previous working experience, the founders of Paradiset had grown tired of economies of scale, additives, sprays and indifference towards people, animals, and wellbeing. A big driving force was that major retailers were only paying lip service to ecological issues, not delivering real commitment. The founders wanted to see real change across the board. The result of their vision was Paradiset, Sweden's tastiest food market, which opened in Stockholm in June 2015.

The challenge we got from Paradiset was to convey culinary inspiration digitally. To communicate the right values, and to build their unique position in the digital customer experience was considered crucial for success. Paradiset has a target audience who have high expectations in all points of contact.

Paradiset wireframes

The Paradiset collaboration began with a conceptual phase, where our mission was to develop interaction design and apply Paradiset´s new graphic profile across the digital environment. This resulted in paradiset.com, a site based on WordPress, with a modern design that really emphasized the client’s message of quality and ecology. The resulting site was greatly appreciated, both internally and externally, and has been further refined since its launch.

Paradiset webb på dator Paradiset ipad Paradiset case

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