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Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration with business in 13 different countries. As a part of the process of making the the company structure more efficient, streamlined and decentralized, Polygon turned to Cloud Nine with the task of developing a website with a flexible design regarding structure and content, in order to serve the varying needs in different countries. Cloud Nine already served as Polygon’s digital partner since many years.

The goal was to create a simple and clear way to meet the different users and their needs on the site. The needs and meeting points were identified using detailed effect mapping. One vital requirement for the site was that the contact information for emergency situations was prioritized. At the same time, it was also important for more detailed company information as well as cases to be easily accessible. The site structure should also allow organic growth as the company expanded.


Another important part of the project was to create a simple and user-friendly admin tool for Polygons’ web editors. The previous interface was perceived as complicated and difficult to work with, and as a consequence, the website was not always updated as frequently as required. Cloud Nine’s focus was to simplify the interface for both experienced and infrequent users, and we also carried out training of the global web editor team, and continues to deliver support when needed.

We have high ambitions on how we can enhance both the business and customer benefits through digitalization, which in turn will lead to that we mantain our position as market leader in Europe. To achieve this, we need a partner who understands what we want to achieve and have the skills to implement it. We are delighted to have found the partner in Cloud Nine, says Caroline Liedgren, Marketing and Communication Manager at Polygon Group.


The new website has been running live in all 13 countries since December 2015, and Polygon work with continuous updates of the site from both a communicative as well as a SEO perspective. Polygon have chosen to continue working with Cloud Nine in the further development and optimization of the site for different needs. It is an exciting task, and many of Polygon’s customer centers already report a positive change in customer behavior; visitors are successful in finding relevant information, and as a consequence, customer service experience a reduced workload. England is even reporting a considerable increase in sales.


After launching Polygon’s website, we began working to increase its visibility in search engine results page in order to help relevant visitors to find the website. We focused on the Swedish market to begin with.

Our SEM work (paid ads through Google AdWords) began by defining the appropriate budget and quarterly goals that we track in both AdWords and Google Analytics. Together with Polygon, we created campaigns and ads that were relevant to their target customers and we’re constantly updating these as more data comes in.

Our SEO work began with a technical audit to identify potential on-page optimization gains. After identifying the keywords the client wanted to rank for, we began to monitor them and gave suggestions on how to optimize the site’ s content to match it with the search terms. Together with Polygon, we’re putting in editorial efforts to rank their best pages for their wished keywords.

We have regular meetings with the client to discuss our results and recommend actions for the future. We are proud that our work to date has provided significant results for Polygon’s website and its business.



  • Over 1000 crawled URLs crawled during our SEO audit for Polygon
  • Over 500 identified and fixed on-page SEO issues
  • 5% conversion rate on AdWords campaigns – avg for the industry is 2.5%
  • Over 130 conversions (phone calls) from our campaigns during the span of 3 months

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