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Södertörns Fjärrvärme AB is a local energy company with operations in the municipalities of Huddinge, Botkyrka and Salem. The company delivers a significant amount of heat within these municipalities, but also energy consulting and cooling services.

The project started with a pre-study that showed how Södertörns Fjärrvärme both has a well-functioning internal meeting structure and a cohesive work environment. However, we concluded that the company could benefit from adopting an intranet solution to simplify internal processes, improve internal communications and increase employee engagement. A key requirement was also to be able to get a quick overview of the current situation in real time, which would otherwise be difficult due to a variety of systems and lack of overview.

The solution was a social intranet that acts as a single starting point to access both general and role-related information. Such information is gathered from Södertörns Fjärrvärme’s existing systems through the use of widgets. The homepage is actually built like a dashboard with different widgets. The top widgets are permanent (e.g., news feed, calendar, etc.), but the rest is up to the employee to choose and customize according to his/her needs. One has, among other things, access to the integrated weather service SMHI that helps employees to quickly access the latest weather forecasts. Weather is a crucial factor in the production and consumption of energy.

A clear business benefit the new intranet has delivered is spreading knowledge and know-how within the company. The number of pages viewed per session has increased by 50 percent and the number of visitors who read the news has increased by 70 percent. By not having to search for information in multiple places to get a picture of the current situation, we have freed up time for employees, which increases efficiency and reduces stress among employees.

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