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Used-A-Porter is a marketplace for the sale of vintage and second-hand clothing brands and accessories. Private individuals, bloggers, small businesses and fashion brands can both promote and sell their products.

Used-A-Porter's concept is based on the idea of the recycling and re-use of clothing and fabrics. Those who wish can donate the money from sales to charity.


At the beginning of 2014, Cloud Nine met with Stefan Lidström, the founder of Used-A-Porter. Stefan had an idea to build a platform for second-hand fashion from high quality brands online. He saw that there was space in the market for a company with a focus on quality, high-end clothes and accessories as a counterweight to cheap, mass-produced fashion. A big part of the challenge was to create an attractive marketplace with a blend of private ads and content from blogs and fashion profiles.

Cloud Nine’s work began by developing a design concept comprising typography, color palette and graphic elements. Inspiration was taken from different types of seams, to connect visually with the theme of fashion. Then we built the technical prototype to show off the website and its potential for investors. The website is built on WordPress, incorporating the Woo Commerce plugin.

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Used-A-Porter´s website was launched in autumn 2014. In conjunction with the launch of the website, the client gathered a series of sample collections from several well-known brands and sold them via the site, thereby creating the Closet Organizer service, through which UAP helps stylists, bloggers and others in the industry to sell unique items and sample collections.

Since its launch, the website has continuously presented new collaborations and features. Currently there are over 300 stores and wardrobes on the site, and a number of well-known personalities and brands are represented, including Acne and Rodebjer among others.

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